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The petrochemical industry processes crude oil, gases, and other chemical feedstocks into refined fuels, industrial chemicals and gases, plastics, solvents, and related chemicals. These assets are being continuously assaulted by corrosion and chemical attack costing the industry billions of dollars annually. In addition plant safety, regulatory compliance, manufacturing efficiency, and plant reliability are all critical issues facing plant engineers today.
Carboline understands the corrosive and hazardous working environments in these processing facilities. Carboline offers innovative solutions and unmatched technical support for everything from structural steel and tank exteriors to processing, piping and equipment. A wide breadth of products for high temperature service, tank linings, tank bottom repair, maintenance coatings and industrial fireproofing are available to protect these assets.

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- Petrochemical Brochure - Petrochemical System Guide


CAR 200 za
Carboclad 938 Primer za
Carboclad 938 Finish za
Carboclad 938 HB za
Carbocoat AD-51 za Finish
Carbocoat 150 UP
Carbocrylic 3350 za
Carboguard 1209
Carboguard 165 za
Carboguard 187 za Primer and Finish
Carboguard 193 za
Carboguard 550 za
Carboguard 635
Carboguard 890 GF
Carboguard 890 LT
Carboguard 890 za
Carboguard 891 HS
Carboguard 891 za
Carboguard 892 ARL za
Carboguard 893 SG
Carboguard 893 SG LT
Carboguard 893 za
Carboguard Dampcoat 1208 za
Carbomastic 15 za
Carbomastic 186 za
Carbomastic 200 za
Carbomastic 615
Carbomastic 96 za
Carbothane 133 HB za
Carbothane 134 HG
Carbothane 134 za
Carboweld 11 za
Carbozinc 11 za
Carbozinc 3359
Carbozinc 658 za
Carbozinc 676 za
Carbozinc 859 za
Gasohol Tank Lining za
Intumastic 285 za
Phenoline 1205 za
Phenoline 187 Finish
Phenoline 187 Primer
Phenoline 300 za Primer
Phenoline 302 za
Phenoline 305 za Finish
Phenoline 305 za Primer
Phenoline 341
Plasite 7159
Pyrocrete 241 za
Rustbond FC
Rustbond Penetrating Sealer za
Semstone 145-S za
Thermaline 1248 za
Thermaline 400 GS
Thermaline 400 za Primer & Finish
Thermaline 4631 za
Thermaline 4674 za
Thermaline 4700
Thermaline 4700 Aluminum
Thermaline 4900
Thermaline 4900 Aluminum