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Carboline is recognized as a premier supplier of high performance coatings and linings for more than 60 years. The Transportation group combines the expertise of two trusted names in the industry, Carboline and Plasite.

Carboline's value added products protect transportation vessels; railcars, marine, containers and trucks.  Our product lines are the most inclusive interior and exterior systems in the market. 

Carboline offers a complete line of water based, high solids and solvent less technology, primers, low temperature cure, DTM epoxies, and high performance topcoats for the exterior. 

Carboline has the most comprehensive selection of linings, testing over 4,000 commodities.  Our chemical resistance linings consist of epoxy, epoxy phenolic, Bis-A free epoxies, high bake epoxy, 100% solids aromatic pure polyurea, solvent free aromatic hybrid polyurethanes, vinyl esters and hi-bake phenolics.  We provide the most comprehensive product line that protects your commodities and investment.

Carboline linings protect commodities ranging from plastic pellets, food products such as flour, eatable oils, corn syrup, corrosive acids and caustic products that are transported by rail, water and over-the-road.  These products can be corrosive, abrasive or require a high degree of product purity.  The dynamic nature of the vessels that transport these products, demand a high performance coating system that protects against excessive abuse; flexing, impact, chemical attack and temperature variances.

The Transportation industry relies on Carboline providing the highest level of performance, service and product technology Carboline is the standard.

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