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Water & Wastewater

Carboline has environmentally friendly coatings for the water and wastewater treatment market that protect concrete and steel from collection to treatment to storage. We are recognized as a leader in the coatings industries as providing proven systems to defend against corrosion caused by MIC and hydrogen sulfide. Aging facilities and increase corrosion rates are the challenges owners face today. Carboline has the solutions to your problems specific to the water and wastewater treatment market.

Water & Wastewater Projects

Water & Wastewater Files

- Water Wastewater Brochure


Carbocoat AD-51 za Finish
Carboguard 550 za
Carboguard 890 GF
Carboguard 891 HS
Carboguard 891 za
Carboguard 892 ARL za
Carboguard 893 za
Carbomastic 15 za
Carbomastic 186 za
Carbomastic 615
Carbomastic 96 za
Carbothane 134 HG
Carbothane 134 za
Carbozinc 3359
Phenoline 341
Plasite 7159
Rustbond Penetrating Sealer za
Thermaline 400 GS
Thermaline 4700
Thermaline 4900
Thermaline 4900 Aluminum